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Custom Drapery

A room's design isn’t complete without window treatments, and custom-made draperies are an elegant choice for every room. Drapery doesn’t have to be stuffy and over the top. Today’s drapery blends seamlessly with every aesthetic, and Kao’s Pacific can’t wait to share our custom drapery options with you.

What is the Process for Custom-Made Draperies?

We begin by getting to know you so we can make recommendations that best suit your needs. Our designers ask questions such as:

  • Do you want room-darkening fabric for a bedroom?
  • Are you hanging drapery in a formal or casual space?
  • What is your preference regarding length?
Carole Fabrics custom drapery adorning a window in a room near the City of Industry, CA

Designing Your Custom Drapery

Choosing the fabric you love is the beginning of the custom drapery process. You have many other decisions to make, including:


  • Brackets that attach rods to wall or ceiling
  • Rods that hold the drapery
  • Finials that add decorative flair to the ends of rods and help prevent panels from sliding off
  • Tiebacks that attach to the wall on either side of the window allow you to hold your drapery open in a stylish manner


Headers are the top portion of the drapery panel that holds the rod. The header style you choose will significantly affect the overall aesthetic of your drapery. There are many header styles available, but the following are the most common choices:

  • Rod Pocket: This is a classic choice that holds the rod in a fabric pocket. Because the rod is concealed, this style is great if you have a tight hardware budget.
  • Tab Top: A row of fabric tabs spaced at regular intervals through which the rod is threaded. It lends a modern, relaxed appearance and is excellent for casual settings.
  • Grommet: A grommet header has circular cutouts lined with plastic or metal rings. It is a fantastic choice in rooms where you want the most natural light. It looks best in contemporary or industrial décor styles.
  • Pinch Pleat: The fabric at the top of the drapery is pinched together to form a pleat; two-finger pinch pleats and three-finger pinch pleats are the most frequently used. Pinch pleats work best with heavier fabric that will hold its shape and are ideal for formal spaces.


One primary difference between drapery and curtains is the length of the fabric. Curtains break at or just below the window sill, while drapery can break just above or at the floor or form a dramatic fabric puddle. We suggest drapery that breaks ¼” above the floor if you're dressing windows in an informal space. This length is enough to offer a look of sophistication but isn’t as high maintenance as longer panels.

Designer Drapery Fabric Brands


Founded in 1918, Kravet is a fifth-generation family-owned business that has established itself as one of the top fabric houses in the world. The brand prides itself on offering premium products and sustainable business practices to protect the environment for future generations. Kravet has an extensive fabric library with nearly 5,000 options, including casement, linen, sheer, silk, and velvet in hundreds of colors and patterns.

JF Fabrics

Since its opening in 1977, JF Fabrics has served over 20,000 customers in North America. JF Fabrics is constantly improving its lines with innovative, on-trend fabrics. The JF Everyday collection offers breath-taking custom drapery that fits nearly any budget. The collection contains durable, high-performance materials and is ideal for high-traffic areas and projects requiring large quantities of fabric. The JF Studio collection is a curated line of fabrics driven by the desire for luxury. The line includes handmade linen embroideries, specialty yarns, and exclusive designs.


Fabricut is a family-run, employee-owned business providing premium fabrics since 1954. The brand’s fabric library contains over 17,000 options, including blackout fabrics, embroideries, and linen in hundreds of designs, including animal, herringbone, and texture plain. The brand partnered with The Sustainability Alliance and embraces three principles:

  1. People: Providing a safe, positive work environment with ample team member appreciation
  2. Planet: Actively reducing waste and energy consumption
  3. Profit: Maintaining a healthy financial status through conservative spending and financial efficiency.


Stroheim has been a leading resource for fine-quality fabric since 1865. The brand caters to the most discerning clientele and is one of the most respected fabric houses in the world. Their designers are always ahead of the trends, with offerings to suit nearly every taste. Choose from thousands of fabrics, including sheer, silk, wool, and velvet, to ideally dress windows in any setting. An extensive range of patterns includes contemporary/modern, floral, and scrollwork options.

Carole Fabrics

Carole Fabrics has been helping customers find the perfect custom drapery for their homes since 1958. With a commitment to creating some of the top-of-the-line custom draperies in the industry, customers recognize this brand for its quality and range of styles and designs to suit every taste and preference.

Custom Drapery Near the City of Industry, CA

The designers at Kao’s Pacific are ready to help you craft stunning custom drapery for your home. We have served the area since 1995, and our streamlined design process makes it easy to elevate the appearance of your interior. We offer custom window treatments, motorized window coverings, and extensive flooring options.

Call us today at (909) 595-8899 or request a consultation online. Kao’s Pacific is located in the City of Industry, CA, and proudly serves Yorba Linda, Brea, Diamond Bar, Irvine, and the surrounding areas.

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