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Choosing a type of flooring for your home is an important decision. You need it to be durable, attractive, and comfortable underfoot. To check off all of these boxes, you’ll want to explore all your options. Let the team at Kao’s Pacific help you select flooring for your home that you will love for many years.

Modern living room with tan sofa and chairs. Fireplace and large pattern rug.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Flooring

Your preferences are essential, but you’ll be more likely to enjoy the flooring you choose if it also fits your needs. Ask yourself the following questions to help direct your shopping:

  1. Will the flooring be installed in an area with high moisture? If you put the new flooring in a bathroom or basement, you’ll want to consider concrete or porcelain tiles. No moisture? All options, including carpet and hardwood flooring, are still open.
  2. Do you have pets or young children? In other words, does your flooring need to be extra durable? The good news is that even scratched hardwood is easy to sand and repair. If you’re not up for frequently fixing your floor, you may be better off with laminate flooring or carpet.
  3. Do you want to install your floors DIY style? Laminate and plank vinyl floors are excellent options for DIYers. Wall-to-wall carpet and hardwood floors are better jobs for professionals.
  4. Do you need low-maintenance flooring? Any vinyl flooring - tile, sheet, or plank - offers the lowest maintenance, followed by laminate floors. 

Hardwood Flooring

We love hardwood floors because they are timeless. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a time when hardwood flooring was not in style. Natural wood adds inviting warmth and charm to your home and increases its resale value. Is hardwood flooring right for your home? Consider these benefits:

  • Solid hardwood is easy to care for. You can sweep, vacuum, or steam clean to remove surface dirt while knowing your floor isn’t harboring allergens like dust and pet dander. 
  • Many people worry that wood flooring is delicate when it’s one of the most robust materials you can use for your floors. Hardwood flooring can be scratched or dented, but it’s tough to do, especially if you take care when moving heavy objects and place area rugs in high-traffic spaces in your home. 
  • You can refinish hardwood floors. Other types of flooring, like carpet or vinyl, will show wear over time, and your only option is to replace your floors. The same is true if you decide to redecorate. Wood flooring can be stripped and refinished several times over its lifespan, while other types of flooring cannot be.
Image of a spacious room with a hardwood floor near City of Industry, California (CA)

Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are often thought of as being the same. While the two types of flooring are very similar, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Image of person looking at laminate flooring samples near City of Industry, California (CA)
  • Vinyl flooring is made of 100% synthetic materials and is waterproof. Laminate floors feature a core made using resin bonded wood byproducts and are moisture resistant. 
  • Both types of material can closely mimic the appearance of natural materials, such as wood, ceramic, and stone. 
  • The cost of vinyl and laminate are comparable. Both materials can range to similar prices per square foot depending on thickness and brand. Laminate and vinyl floors are also less expensive than hardwood, and most ceramic and porcelain tile. 
  • Your flooring will be easy to clean regardless of material, but vinyl can be cleaned using wet methods for extra- tough spots, while laminate flooring fares best when you use dry cleaning methods.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has come a long way in recent years. Today, tile is one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly flooring materials. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made using clay, which is a sustainable resource. Stone tile is also made using green materials and has an exceptionally long lifespan. Choosing tile floors for your home also has several other advantages.

  • Tiles don’t hold on to heat which will help keep your home cooler when the outdoor temperatures are high. 
  • You’ll enjoy healthier indoor air. Since tiles are solid, they don’t hold dust or dander, and their natural materials release no volatile chemicals into the air. 
  • You can use tile flooring in any room of your home. Many people associate tile floors with kitchens and bathrooms. While this type of flooring is a great solution for those rooms, its durability and low maintenance make it an excellent choice for other living spaces.
  • You can get very creative with tiles. Floor tiles come in a vast array of sizes and colors. If you’re up to the task, you can even lay out fun patterns on your floor. 
  • Tile is easy to install and maintain.


Carpet gets a bad rap for being hard to keep clean and for wearing out more quickly than other types of flooring. Your floors will require vacuuming on a regular basis and a deep cleaning every six months or so, but carpet is one of our favorite flooring materials for many reasons.

  • Carpet is comfortable. No matter how you look at it, nothing feels the way carpet does underfoot, especially on chilly mornings. 
  • Your home will feel warmer with carpet. The fabric used to create carpet holds on to heat better than solid flooring materials. 
  • Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to carpet style. Carpeting is available in an endless number of colors, piles, and materials. 
  • Wool carpet is a natural air purifier and is also more flame-resistant than other types of carpet. 
  • Floors with carpet absorb sound better than wood or tile. This makes carpet an ideal solution for bedrooms and hallways.
Samples of carpets in different colors for rooms, near City of Industry, California (CA)

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